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We are here to help you realize your dreams of financial independence. By playing casino games on the internet you can break free of the shackles of the day to day grind and pursue your passions unfettered with the vagaries of juggling work responsibilities with what you love to do. If you follow our methodology, you will soon be able to spend just a few hours a day, playing casino games at a high level so that you can free up your time to pursue your passions. Get your freedom today. There is no time to wait.

We are three former casino employees who were tired of being on the other side, working for a salary and decided to strike out on our own. Each of us would see players come into our casino and drop large sums of money on games. We knew they knew what they were doing. What was stopping us? After a work shift one evening, we sat down together for a drink, as we would, and decided to quit our jobs the following month, putting aside as much as we could, and embark on a career playing the casinos.

How To Win At Slot Machines?

We learned one very important lesson. It is vastly better to play at internet casinos than it is to play in brick and mortar casinos. It was obvious, from the start. We could see that the house edge was automatically lower in internet casinos. There is still a variety of odds online, but as a whole, internet casinos offer significantly better odds. Plus, it is so much more convenient.

We did our research. The three of us have played at a large number of internet casinos and have managed to put together a list of the absolute best places to gamble online. This is a carefully considered internet casino list that was built up over several years of trial and error. We took into consideration various factors, ranging from safety, to bonus size, to gaming platform, to the respective house edge. This allowed us to compile a list we firmly stand behind.

The best online casino review

Royal Vegas

For a true to life internet casino experience Royal Vegas cannot be beat. They utilize a Microgaming software system that provides them with almost 400 games unparalleled in their realism. Everything about Royal Vegas is groomed to perfection. This is made obvious even when all the bells and whistles are turned on and the software remains as stable as a rock. No hitches, no glitches. Everything flows smoothly. There is an online only option that works like a charm from any browser. Security is top of the line. An eCOGRA approval seals it. The bonus is quite large by any online casino standard, weighting in at $1,200 free credits and a rich VIP program.

888 Casino

No online casino list would be complete without mention of the great 888 Casino. This was one of the first providers online and has been in operation since 1997. The 888 Casino boasts over 25 million players. That number alone speaks volumes about this casino’s reputation. There is an implicit promise of trust in the fact that this online casino is the most public of all. The officers are well known and the casino is publicly traded on the stock market. There are over 1000 employees working for this operation. You can rest assured that it will still be here many years from now. 888 also boasts top of the line software, which was developed in house by its sister company, Random Logic. Combine this with one of the best and most balanced bonuses in the industry, at $1,400, and you have a truly unbeatable package.

Mansion Casino

If you are looking for the biggest bonus in the industry, you need not look any further than the Mansion Casino. They offer an astounding $5,000 in bonus money. Few, if any casinos can even come close to matching this amount. A quick look at the software, built on Playtech technology, and it becomes clear that this casino means business. There are approximately 250 games. One in four of these games feature a progressive jackpot that can pay out sums of money so large as to rival the best state lotteries in the world. Mansion casino has several other tricks up its sleeve. There is a mature live dealer casino option available. Players can play against actual flesh and blood dealers over webcams. This adds a new dimension to the games, and is well worth trying. There is also a no download option that is very well implemented and features excellent cross platform compatibility, ensuring access from any type of system. Mansion casino is a glimpse at a more forward thinking casino intent on investing in its own future.

Betway Casino

At the Betway casino you can expect a few more special features than you might find in an otherwise similar offering. The first thing about Betway that catches people’s attention is the excellent $1,000 entry bonus. This Microgaming based casino doesn’t stop at an excellent bonus and a large number of games, however. This is one of the best places online to bet on sporting events. Many gamblers are also avid sports enthusiasts. It is nice to know a sport intimately, but it is nicer to be able to use all that accumulated knowledge for the purpose of winning money. This casino features a very solid 97.5% payback rate, which is by default better than at 99% of internet casinos in operation today. This is possible due to the stability of this casino. They are secure in their future, and can afford to think over the long term, which benefits all players in the short term.

JackpotCity casino

Jackpot City Casino features a bonus worth $500, which should be enough to get most people to drool. Compared to many other casinos this might seem like a paltry figure, however. The reason we include JackpotCity in our preferred casino list is the fact that this casino is designed from the ground up to pay out more jackpots than any other competitor. This was its intended function. More jackpots and more prizes won would guarantee a clientele. And it worked. This is, today, one of the most popular internet casinos online. It is a Microgaming casino so quantity is paramount here. There are over 400 games available, each of which is designed to be loose and easier to win. It is no surprise that many of Microgaming’s progressive jackpot wins originate in JackpotCity.

Grand Reef Casino

If the usual casino software has you tearing your hair out of your head because of incessant flash and sound, the Grand Reef Casino might be for you. This casino has a relaxing underwater theme that can soothe the most high strung of players. Graphics are just graphics, though, so it helps to know that this Playtech built casino is extremely popular worldwide for several very convincing reasons. It was originally planned to be an Australian niche market offering. Today it is one of the biggest destinations for gambling on the internet. The Grand Reef pays special attention to all the latest developments in gaming and is one of the early adopters of every new game that rolls out of Playtech’s laboratories. There are a large number of progressive jackpots as well as ample opportunities to win money at any of the 200+ featured games. This casino displays features found in the top casinos in the business. Live dealer and no browser setting are all well represented, as are state of the art software and some of the most popular slot machines in the world.

Swiss Palace

Viral marketing has made this casino the newest force to contend with on the marketplace. The Swiss Palace Casino was not designed to become the industry leader that it is, it got to this point by consistently exceeding expectations and running one of the smoothest businesses in the EU. Attention to detail is evident in every corner, from the Spartan but efficient website, to the choice of top tier games. It is the little things that count at the Swill Palace casino. Preferred cash deposits that net players extra bonuses, an excellent match bonus offers in the most surprising places. The VIP ladder has come to be known as one of the most interesting programs in the industry with some of the most creative prizes ever awarded in private contests. The Swiss Casino really shines with its extremely helpful customer service. Operators are efficient and accommodating with customer needs. The entire experience is smooth, and elegant in every way.


Where’s Ryan H? That’s the name of InterCasino’s manager. He is the human face of the casino and spends his time talking to people at the various game tables. If Ryan Hartley comes up to someone and starts chatting, he might just hand over some free credits. Not a few dollars. $50 is what he usually gives, he is known for it. InterCasino patrons know the drill and as soon as Ryan Hartley enters a room, an amazing cacophony of text erupts. It is worth waiting around for this phenomenon. People will say the most amazing things to be noticed. Joining in is half the fun. It becomes like a game in its own right, but instead of luck, creativity and intelligence are rewarded. InterCasino has always been this type of offbeat environment, even since the early days, back in 1996, when they opened. Cryptologic is the software provider that the casino bases its platform on. The games at InterCasino are unique and can’t be found elsewhere. To top it all off, VIP gifts are always extravagant, featuring all-expense paid holidays to exotic and exciting locations. This casino never ceases to surprise with innovative approaches to add a human touch to the crowded world of online gaming.

Europa Casino

The Europa casino revels in tradition. The software package wants to emulate old world chic, modeled after the most elegant casino in the world, Casino de Monte Carlo. Although it is unaffiliated with the actual palace of European gambling, the Europa casino does an excellent job of capturing its essence. Opulence, elegance, tradition, and history. They all converge digitally in the most unexpected of places…your living room. This Playtech built casino features the majority of the platform’s best games, dressed up in the fines graphics seen in the entire internet. The experience is bolstered by an elegant and distinctly European live dealer casino.

The dealers are clearly from Europe, so accents are thick, but communication is seamless. Alas, some of the finer aspects of the Monte Carlo experience are absent. Gone are the valets to park your Aston Martin DB7. Gone are the waitresses, who would bring you a Martini your way. To make up for it, you will receive a $2,400 bonus, which will get you well on the way to achieving those luxuries in due time.

Spin Palace Casino

The most fully stocked casino for slot machine enthusiasts. This is undoubtedly a niche market. Slot machines have gained great popularity in recent years due to improving technology and a vastly more entertaining nature of play than the old three reel machines of the 1970s could ever hope to provide. To say slot machines have come a long way is a great understatement. New machines are capable of telling entire stories on the screen and the games are as interactive as they come.

Spin Palace collects all the greatest slot machines in existence. Some are great because of the entertaining nature of the machine, while others are great due to the immense amounts of money available in the progressive jackpots. Either way, a fabulous $1,000 match bonus is enough to entice even the most hardened skeptic to give these games a try. Of course, if one were to desire a break from the slot machines, all the traditional stand by games are represented. From blackjack to roulette, even the most cynical gaming purist will have something to sink his teeth into.