Online Casinos Guide

Online Casinos Guide

Today we decided to have a piece of fun and we have chosen a set of YouTube movies devoted to online casinos. The bunch includes both casino jokes and online casinos promo videos. To our regret, we expected to find more creative and interesting pieces of video, but we must admit that there’s much to be desired in this field. So, below are the cartoons and videos related to online casino. The 1st one is called: Not all blondes are dumb!

New Approach to Online Slots from Microgaming

This year Miscrogaming seems to be trying to defeat all its competitors and doesn’t stop to amaze the players with new, non-standard games and new versions of already existing ones. June brought a rich harvest of slots and 3d games, but Microgaming doesn’t seem to be going to slow down. They announced that new games will run on all versions of casinos (flash, download and through QuickFire) and will be absolutely different from what players are used to. We hope so.

Hexaline SlotHexaline is the first innovation. According to the press release, it’s an alternative slot combining the features of online slots and online brick games. You have to complete a horizontal line of colored hexagon bricks to win. After the payout, the blocks are replaced with a series of new ones and you can continue to play. I suppose this is a good innovation in online slots.

Another game is Multi-Player Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition. At last you can enjoy the atmosphere of real roulette play and feel as if you are at a real casino! The players can make bets alongside with other players, observe the strategies of the best players and correct their own way of playing. There are 20, 30 and 60 second tables for the players of different level and skill. You can chooser an Avatar, which will be your face in this game and chat with other players before and during the game. This option makes Multi-Player Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition similar to computer team games, where you can play either separately or build a team strategy.

We are sure than these games will add a breath of fresh air into online casino play and will attract new gamblers.

Incredible Payouts at Dragon 777

Online casino Dragon 777 has announced that the payout percentage in poker games in June was more than 100%. The results have been checked by an independent institution, so no chance of a mistake exists.

Nowadays Dragon 777 remains one of the most rapidly-developing fresh online casinos on the net. This Europe-oriented online casino is available in English, German and French and accepts all major currencies. The design of the casino is based on eastern (Chinese) leitmotifs and is plain, modern and stylish. Both download and flash version are available. All new players are given a 200% match bonus on their first deposit and 77 free spins on the slot Kathmandu.

To start with, you can try to play casino slots or other casino games. The main games sections are:

  1. Table games
  2. Poker games
  3. Slots games
  4. Unique games

The list of the unique games includes more than 50 games, among which there are Pharaoh’s Gems, Mayan Bingo, Premier Trotting and others. You have to register to try to play any of them online. No-download version flash version seems to be a bit slow, so I advise to install the software on your PC or mobile phone if you want to play at this online casino.

Monopoly Slots from Virgin Casino

Virgin casino monopoly slot Monopoly slots have become the boom of the last seasons. A lot of different variants spring up in different corners of the world. To a great extent, it can be explained by the resurgence of interest in table games in general, so new, “computerized” variants appear to meet the demand.

Virgin casino has announced a new Monopoly: You’re in the Money slot. It has a traditional configuration: 5 reels and a bit increased number of paylines – 30, instead of the ordinary 25. The most remarkable feature of this casino slot is the increased chance to win. It was reached via the increasing of the number of paylines and the introduction of new bonus features. During the bonus game – Mystery Bonus – you can win up to 12000 x your initial bet. Additional thrill is introduced by the slot icons: here you’ll meet the well-known Monolopy symbols, so the fans of this game will have a douled pleasure playing Monolopy: You’re in the Money slot.

In general, the slot can boast nothing out of the ordinary, but the payout level is rather decent to at least try playing it.